A little background 

The Canadian Women in Medicine Conference  (CWIM) was founded in 2018,  and has grown to be the largest gathering of women physicians in North America. 

When the CWIM Conference was born, its purpose was to bring women physicians together to learn & connect, as well as to improve their personal and professional wellness in a supportive environment. The inaugural event also served to honour the life of our colleague and friend Dr. Elana Fric, by raising funds for her children and other charities supporting women struggling with Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). 

After a successful first conference in June 2018, with over 500 attendees, the conference organizers saw the need for more, and founded the Canadian Women in Medicine Organization, a not-for-profit national membership organization with a mission to connect and support women physicians in all aspects of their lives. To this day, the CWIM Organization serves to provide additional support to women physicians throughout the year by way of advocacy, mentorship, and social & charitable events. 

The CWIM Conference has continued to grow over the past several years, with over 800 attendees in 2019, and expanding to 1200 attendees in 2020 after a shift to a virtual format due to COVID-19.  It provides best-in-class education on topics in keeping with the CWIM mission to help women physicians thrive in both their personal and professional lives. These include career advancement, personal wellness, relationships & parenting, finances and advocacy for important social issues. 

The CWIM Conference also continues to be dedicated to honouring the life of Dr. Elana Fric, and all other women affected by IPV, by raising funds for charities supporting women and their children.